How to Thwart Network Sniffer Attacks

Network sniffing is a tool used for analyzing data packets sent over a network. This can be done by the specialized software program or hardware equipment. Sniffing can be used to:

  • Capture sensitive data such as password.
  • Eavesdrop on chat messages
  • Monitor data package over a network
    If you’re concerned about network sniffing software spying on network traffic coming from your computer, there are ways to protect yourself.

There are ethical reasons someone may need to use sniffer software, such as when a network administrator monitors network traffic flow.

When network administrators are concerned about nefarious use of these tools on their network, they use anti-sniff scans to guard against sniffer attacks. This means corporate networks are usually safe.

However, it’s easy to obtain and use sniffer software for malicious reasons, which makes its illegitimate use against your home internet a cause for concern. It would be very easy for someone to connect such software even to a corporate computer network.

If you want to protect yourself from someone spying on your internet traffic, use a VPN that encrypts your internet traffic. You can learn all about VPNs, and VPN providers you can use to protect yourself.