How to test our interview preperations?

Some other ways to practice are as follows -

  • Prepare basic questions

Making a list of frequent interview questions and answering each one aloud is the simplest preparation method.

The more you practice your knowledge, the better prepared you will be for an actual job interview.

It’s crucial to practice speaking aloud to get more comfortable verbalizing your responses.

  • Use flashcards

Make a set of flashcards with the questions.

You will become comfortable and confident answering questions in any sequence by shuffling the flashcards.

Using flashcards can also help you structure your responses to respond confidently during the interview.

  • Ask your friend or family .

You can also give a friend or family member a list of questions and ask them to interview you and provide constructive feedback on your performance.

Practicing with a friend or family member will give you a comfortable, safe setting to improve your interviewing abilities and receive feedback.