How to test for logical reasoning in hiring interviews?

Logical reasoning is a fundamental quality that HR managers need to keep an eye out for when interviewing candidates who are seeking a job at their organisation. In this article, we reached out to an expert in candidate assessment to hear their ideas on how to identify the signs that are most telling about a candidate’s logical reasoning.

The people that make up a team within a business are the ones who have the power to steer it both forwards and backwards, so finding and hiring the right people to join the organisation is one of the most important parts of growing (and maintaining) it.

That said, as important as it might be, the recruitment process is also an extremely difficult and time consuming undertaking with every step requiring extensive involvement and expertise.

Drafting the job ad and position description, broadcasting and advertising the job vacancy, sifting through and interviewing candidates and actually making someone an offer is a journey that can take many weeks of hard work.

While each stage of the entire recruitment process plays its own important role, getting the interview part right is perhaps the most important step of the entire journey – and can be the trickiest one to navigate as well.