How to tackle difficult questions in personal interviews

There can be questions that are asked in an interview that are out of your expertise and may consist of some concept you studied years ago but can’t seem to remember. In that case, keep in mind that the recruiter has a lot of experience and they can catch on to lies. Therefore, one must remain humble and either ask for some time to recall the answer to the question or just reply with an “I don’t know the answer to that question but I would definitely read up about this topic”. Further, one may, in order to appear confident, bluff about his own skills in his CV, and when asked to answer questions related to that skill, he may find himself in a spot. In cases where you are asked questions regarding your strengths and weaknesses, make sure that you are honest, and stick to the point. You do not want to appear as someone who is slacking but someone who is willing to work on his weaknesses and emerge as a productive employee. Therefore, in such cases, it is important for a candidate to remain calm and answer all questions after giving them proper thought.