How to succeed at interview?

It’s all well and good knowing what not to do at an interview, but not much use if you don’t know what you should be doing to win the job.

Setting aside your nerves is easier said than done, but learning to conquer job interview jitters is important if you want to give the impression of confidence. Try to relax and show your natural personality - the employer will get a much better feel of how you’ll fit into their team if you do. Take comfort from the fact that if you’re being interviewed the recruiter is already impressed with what you have to offer, and after sifting through countless applications they’ll be rooting for you to do well.

Enthusiasm and a positive attitude also go a long way and instantly make a more appealing candidate. Throughout the interview, evidence and reiterate your motivation for the role and the company. Employers like forward thinking graduates who can commit so to really put yourself above the competition, talk about the future of the company and your role within it.

Another good tip is to observe the basics. It can be easy to underestimate the power of good manners, regular eye contact, a firm handshake or a smile. Be polite to everyone you come into contact with as you never know who might be on the selection panel.