How to stay prepared for the final exam day of IIFT?

All the preparation and hard work go in vain if a candidate is panicked on D-Day. One can follow some tips before the IIFT exam to gain an edge.

  • Never attempt a question about which you are unsure: Only answer questions you are convinced you can answer correctly 100 percent of the time. Because any incorrect answer may result in a negative score on the IIFT exam, it is critical to be certain of the questions you are attempting to answer.
  • Don’t waste your time with complex questions.: In the IIFT 2021 exam, you may encounter questions that are lengthy or out of your control. It’s time to move on to a different problem. Because you only have so much time to try as many questions as possible, it’s a good idea to skip a question that takes more time than you have.
  • Before you begin, read each question carefully: Before you mark an answer, make sure you read the question thoroughly. Many pupils just read the first part of the question before jumping to the solution selections. Most of the time, the response options are very similar, and if you don’t read the question carefully enough, you won’t notice the directness. Making foolish mistakes is a big no-no.
  • Go over all of the RC sections in detail: Candidates frequently make the error of determining the answer before reading the complete text of Reading Comprehensions. If you do this, you may mistake because most of the possibilities are intertwined. Read the passage carefully first, understand it, and then read the response options. After you’ve chosen an answer, reread the sentence to be sure you’ve chosen the correct option.
  • Prepare ahead of time by calculating the number of questions you wish to attempt: To do well on the IIFT exam, you must select which and how many questions you can attempt. It’s critical to understand how many questions you’ll have to answer to achieve a high percentile on the IIFT admission exam. Make sure you don’t attempt fewer than the required amount of questions.
  • For D-Day, stick to your game plan: Stick to the strategy you intended when taking the IIFT 2021 exam; this will help you feel more at ease, and you will not notice any differences between the exam and the practice tests you took.
  • Panic is not a viable choice: Keeping your cool while taking the IIFT exam is essential; a tranquil mind will be more successful. The questions could be overly complicated, lengthy, or difficult to answer. This is the point where you have to uphold your calm. Even if you can’t finish the questions in the time frame you’ve chosen, don’t panic; the IIFT exam has no sectional time limits, so you can always catch up and finish all of the questions. Panic will just increase worry, and even if you know the correct answer, you may choose the incorrect option.
  • Keep track of the time: Once you start working on the IIFT question paper, it’s easy to lose track of time. Make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes you faced in your mocks. Make a mental note to give each part its own time window to avoid missing any questions. While it is vital to divide the time into sections, don’t keep checking the timer every now and again, since this will simply add to your tension.
  • Arrive at the exam centre before the scheduled reporting time : Arrive early at the exam centre so that you can complete the identification process ahead of schedule. You might not be able to take the test if you arrive late!
  • Do not forget to bring your admit card: You will not be able to take the IIFT 2021 exam if you do not have your admit card. At their respective exam centres, aspirants must ensure that their IIFT 2021 admission cards are in a printed format.