How to start a career as a Java Developer?

Learn Java First, you must learn how and where to code in Java. There are numerous excellent resources for learning Java, including podcasts, training programs, books, and tutorials. If you need a tutorial, we recommend The Java Tutorials by Oracle, which is both free and extensive.

Enhance Your Java Professional Competence
When you learn Java, you should work on honing your project management. During this stage, you should concentrate on researching, designing, and creating small Java projects. Managing small projects will aid in the development of your system design and management abilities .

Following that, you’ll want to put your new Java abilities to use and create a portfolio to present potential companies. You should strive to develop a number of Java programs for your portfolio. These projects don’t have to be complex or faultless; they’re just a means for you to show that you can create a variety of Java apps.

You’re ready to update your CV and apply for a career as a junior Java developer once you’ve mastered Java and produced a few tiny applications.