How to start a career as a Data Engineer?

Apply for a job in data science but wind up doing data engineering instead. Many businesses are unaware that their challenges necessitate the services of a data engineer, but they continue to advertise for data scientist roles. The initial skills are comparable, but the tasks assigned will differentiate the function. Many data scientist whiners who have gotten these jobs say that the majority of their tasks entail data extraction, preparation, and cleansing, which they regard as beneath them.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an ambitious data engineer to shine; you will take on menial tasks and automate them. You will implement production-ready data platforms and data pipelines to manage the backend, while your whiny colleagues will continue to rely on CSVs in their laptops. You will use databases to build curated tables and views, as well as process automation aggregations, calculations, and regex, while your complaining peer group continue to fixate on their R-Studios and Jupyter notebooks, manually cut and paste from their notepads, and complain about having to write SQL - even though you already use the same SQL to build the data universe and pipelines for these irrational lemmings.