How to select keywords for local SEO

Your organic listing is triggered by keywords. People type in specific keywords that draw up results that utilize those keywords. This is an important first step to utilizing SEO.

When you are picking your keywords, you want to focus on long tail keywords. These are keywords that contain three or more words in them. For a local business, it would be “plumbers in Harrisburg PA” or “veterinarians in Harrisburg PA.”

You want to use long tail keywords over short tail keywords. Short tail keywords only contain one or two words. These can be keywords such as “plumbers” or “veterinarians.”

Short tail keywords are not as valuable as long tail keywords because they do not draw in qualified leads for your business. These terms are generic and do not specify a user’s intent.

There is a ton of competition for short tail keywords because many bigger businesses utilize them. It is better to stick to long tail keywords because they cost less and drive in more qualified traffic.

In order to select your keywords, you’ll need to conduct some keyword research. This will help you decide on your keywords. Once you have your keywords, you’ll begin optimizing your site to start improving your ranking.