How to save time on your next company valuation?

Accurately valuing a private company requires insight into the flow of capital across the entire venture capital, private equity and M&A landscape—not to mention the [public markets The process can take up a lot of valuable analyst time, especially if your firm uses legacy valuation tools and data that live on different systems.

Integrating a tool like PitchBook into your workflow means you have access to the world’s largest database of multiples and valuations as well as a suite of tools designed specifically to help you to work more efficiently.

We know that along with accuracy, speed is essential when building financial models. A thoroughly vetted transaction or [company comparable analysis won’t do you much good if your target signs with someone else while you’re doing it.

PitchBook lets you build financial models in a matter of minutes. By allowing you to quickly identify different types of funding rounds, companies and financings, PitchBook enables you to seamlessly navigate between datasets to find relevant transactions fast.