How to publish article on LinkedIn?

Once you hit [publish on your article, here’s what you can expect:

  • Your original content becomes part of your profile. It is displayed on the Posts section of your profile.
  • It’s shared with your connections and followers. Your article will be shown in their feed, as a notification, or via email if they subscribe to daily Pulse emails.
  • Members not in your network can now follow you from your long-form post to receive updates when you publish next.
  • Your long-form post is searchable both on and off of LinkedIn.

A small percentage of articles will get featured in Pulse channels. There are dozens of channels based on geography and industry, and a combination of algorithms and editors determine which articles get featured. To reach a larger audience, share your article on other sites and send it directly to colleagues. You spent significant time and effort writing your article, show it off!

Writing quality content on LinkedIn Pulse will both strengthen your brand and add more dimension to your profile. It’s a great place to connect your thoughts with your resume—particularly if you don’t have a website or regular platform to do this. So use the platform to display what you know and grow your network.