How to progress after become a Senior level back end developer?

• The Lead Software Engineer is a step up the corporate ladder in this sector.
• This function also entails design planning, project leadership, setting release dates, participating in product committees, and contacting clients, in addition to testing and designing software applications.
• Following this path will lead you to a position as a Lead Software Development Engineer (SDE), where you will direct efforts to develop software that meets a company’s needs and supervise other software engineers to ensure projects are completed on time.
• The next level is to become a Senior Software Architect wherein one will be responsible for developing software and programs.
• From here, you can work as an IT Director, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Software Engineering/Development Director, VP of Engineering, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), and Chief Operations Officer (COO). All of these will require a management degree to have stability and sustainability for an individual.