How to present what we say in a Group Discussion(GD - CAT)?

People generally follow the structure of a concept and an example to support it during group discussions. But you also need to keep in mind your tone and how you present it.

PICTURE framework which is Pitch, Inflection, courtesy, Tone, Understandability, Rate and Enunciation. These need to be kept in mind when presenting an idea in GD.

Pitch – Different pitches change the meaning you want to convey

Inflection – Voice should not be monotone. You should express your emotions like excitement etc.

Courtesy - We need to be courteous to others in the conversation

Tone – It is very important, Check your tone and steer clear of sarcasm, looking down etc. in a GD

Understandability - Your sentence should be understandable. Keep fillers away as much as possible.

Rate – Your pace must be just greater than medium. This makes people feel that you are not wasting their time and not rushing and giving them time to comprehend what you mean.

Enunciation – We need to be clear on what we speak to avoid misunderstanding