How to prepare for the question

The points below will keep you headed in the right direction when preparing your answer to ‘Why do you want this job?’ prior to the interview.

The company and the job: During your prep, match your skills to the role, understand how the role will benefit you and what the company has to offer. You might also want to think about what to expect in a job interview concerning the company and the industry:

Tip: Check up on any upcoming industry regulations or changes that apply to the company too!

Your experience and achievements: The likelihood of getting the job can sometimes depend on your prior experience and what you have achieved in previous roles. This will provide the interviewer with insight into your skills which is incredibly important to relate back to the question. You can go into more details of your experience and skills when you answer for a job interview, such as:

What do you bring to the role: To demonstrate why you want the job a good answer for a job interview is to run through what you may bring to the role outside of skills and experience. This will be things like communication or emotional intelligence. Soft skills are highly valued and convey to the interviewer how well you will function within the team.

The “right” fit: A key thing for managers to consider when adding a new person to the team is the cultural fit. It’s important to make sure the new hire is the right fit for the team and the wider company culture.**