How to prepare for the placement process of Infosys Ltd.?

Because Infosys is a dream firm for many people in the country, the competition would be fierce. It is advisable to prepare thoroughly for the Infosys placement procedure.

The following are a few pointers to bear in mind as you prepare for your Infosys interview:

Online Assessment test

Infosys aptitude questions are typically similar to CAT questions but with a lower difficulty level. In this round, speed and accuracy must be practiced.

Several mock tests are available through various web sources, which you can review and practice regularly. To be called for the interview, you must pass this online test.

Technical Interview

You must prepare well in advance for the technical interview to portray yourself in the best light. You can pass this around if you have good technical knowledge and skills.

In this round, your confidence level is equally crucial, and it will only grow if you are adequately prepared in every way.

  • Pay close attention to the interviewer.
  • The questions should be answered clearly and precisely. Not attempt to equivocate.
  • Your body language and look should be taken seriously.
  • Dress nicely for this interview and attempt to be well-groomed.
  • Never brag about yourself or appear overly intelligent in front of the judges. If you do not know the answer, humble yourself and tell the interviewer.

HR Interview

There is no reason to be nervous because the HR interviewer will be friendly. Keep your cool when answering questions in the HR round; they will not test your technical ability.

The HR round will not seem challenging if you have good communication abilities. Candidates must be prepared to address questions such as self-introduction, strengths, and flaws, among others.

Learn some vital facts about the Infosys company as well.

Typically, the interviewer does not remark on your performance and informs you of your selection afterward. It is possible that receiving an offer letter will take several days, so be patient.