How to prepare for the Personal Interview round of the MBA admission process?

Personal interviews are a make-or-break deal for getting into a B school. Personal Interviews test the personality of the candidate and know more about the academic and work background of the candidate. The first and foremost thing a candidate should do is be very thorough with the CV submitted. If the candidate has work experience, then there are chances that a major part of the interview would be based on that only. There are certain few questions that are asked in almost every interview which a candidate should go through and prepare. A candidate should be very thorough with basic questions like Introduction and past academic background as they may form a base of the interview further ahead. If the candidate is a fresher then he/she should be very thorough with the undergraduate subjects and concepts. He should quote experiences from internships to correlate with academics. A candidate should be aware of the news and happenings in the business world and at an International level.