How to prepare for technical interview of oracle?

Following are the tips given by a recruiter of oracle Inc.

We want to assist you in showing off your best skills throughout the technical interview process because you are the builder here. Know that we will put your coding and problem-solving talents to the test and how well you will fit into our business culture. We are interested in how you think, solve problems, and live out your beliefs.

It is usually good to do some preparation work before a technical interview, whether you are a rookie coder or a seasoned engineer. We do not expect you to spend days studying, so we gathered the best recommendations from Oracle experts and put up a list of (optional) resources to help you get started.

Refresh a bit

Interviewers will give issues and code challenges on a variety of topics; therefore, it is a good idea to brush up on coding fundamentals like:

  • Lists, stacks, queues, trees, hash tables, sets, attempts, and graphs are examples of data structures.
  • Sorting, recursion, searching, graph and tree algorithms, and dynamic programming are all examples of algorithms.
  • Efficiency in terms of both time and space (big-O analysis)

Practice it all.

You will be given an issue to tackle and asked to offer a solution using code and, if time allows, construct a test case during the process.

Unless otherwise specified, you can tackle coding problems in whatever language you like.

When you are practicing, try long-handing solutions on paper.

In most circumstances, this is a better match for the requirements of an interview than utilizing an IDE with code completion.

Things you have trouble remembering are beautiful candidates for revisiting.

Remember, we want to understand how you solve problems, not just see the code, so think about how you will convey your work as you go.