How to prepare for software engineer interview?

How you prepare for a software developer interview is also determined by the level of seniority of the position you’re seeking—for example, is it a junior or senior post? Interview questions and technical rounds for junior software developers may be less severe.

Do a little research on the company that you are applying for, the types of questions they asked in their previous interviews, the interview process followed by the company, the job role that you are applying for, the type of company, etc.

Also, there is a site named glassdoor here you will be able to find almost any company’s interview process, you will find the smallest of the smallest & largest of the largest company’s interview processes.

Find the employees already working there & who has worked there in past. From them, you can find out what actually a company is looking for in any employee of theirs.

If you are still having trouble, you can also send a mail to the recruiter asking about the process for the interview. This will not only help you get the proper information about the interview process but will also have a positive image of yourself in the mind of the recruiter. This will show that you are really interested in doing this job.