How to prepare for interview for data analysis

Which skill prepare for data analysis ,? what is important question put up interview

Hi Mohsin,

Good to know you have started the journey in data science.

In order to prepare for interview you should have skills in

  1. python
  2. data analysis libraries like pandas, numpy and data visualization libraries like matplotlib, seaborn
  3. SQL
  4. Statistics for data science

If I have to be very clear then basic programming skills of python will help. If you are into R, that is also helpful. Both languages are very powerfull.
Core concepts of database is very important .
Last but not the least math is also very required for a data analyst to preform necessary statistical analysis.

While preparing for interviews we should give importance for below mentioned points.

  1. Projects - A data analyst should take up many open source projects running in data science domain. It proves that you have hands on and currently know what is going on the market.

  2. Resume - Your resume should focus on your technical skills related to data science and projects undertaken alog with brief description.

If these points are taken into consideration, you will definetely be in the race of being a data analyst.

Hey Bhuvana
thankx a lot