How to prepare for front-end interview?

Front-end technical interviews are challenging to conduct. That is a proven fact. You will require a thorough understanding of computer science fundamentals and things like web performance, build systems, and CSS layout engines.

While numerous resources are available, I have discovered that there are just a handful of comprehensive instructions for preparing for a front-end interview. As a result, I plan to create a topic-by-topic plan that would perhaps assist you in acing your following interview.

Before Interview

So, before your interview, inquire about the interview format with your recruiter. Some interviews may be conducted using a whiteboard, while others may be conducted using an online text editor such as CoderPad.

It is crucial to understand so you can rehearse in the location where your interview will take place.

Also, ask your recruiter for advice on what topics to prepare for.

The reason for this is that some employers will ask you traditional computer science questions concerning topics like searching and sorting algorithms in addition to front-end-specific questions.