How to prepare for Fintech Company interviews?

FinTech is one of the most diverse and fascinating graduate industries to work in, with plenty of chances for graduates wishing to get their foot in the door of the finance industry. If you’re interviewing for a graduate FinTech position, here are some questions you might be asked, along with advice on how to respond.

Why do you want to be a part of the FinTech industry?

An interviewer will ask this question to gauge your knowledge of the FinTech business and determine whether you’re interested in FinTech for the appropriate reasons. Consider the true reasons for your interest in the industry when preparing for this question, and attempt to recall a previous experience that demonstrated this passion.

How can you keep up with new financial services industry trends?

FinTech is a rapidly changing and evolving sector, and an interviewer asking this question wants to know that you can stay up with the latest trends and that your interest in finance extends beyond your job.

You want to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are educated about the sector and enjoy keeping up with current trends, whether by reading industry periodicals, writing your blog about relevant topics, or networking with industry colleagues.

What are your thoughts on the present market situation?

When applying for a position in the fintech industry, you should expect to be asked questions regarding the stock market and finance in general during the interview process. Although you do not need to be an expert in this field, most fintech interviewers would want you to be interested in it and converse intelligently about current financial developments. Brush up on current events in the financial realm before the interview.

Please sell this pen to me right now.

Prepare to talk about and sell one of the company’s products or another unrelated thing to the interviewer if you’re applying for a fintech sales position. Great product knowledge and the ability to sell are required in this situation. Before the interview, do some study on the company’s products so you can talk about them. Whatever you’re selling, make sure to emphasise how the features will benefit the interviewer and close the deal.