How to prepare for data interpretation in CAT?

Data Interpretation is part of the LRDI section in CAT. It is one of the parts which can be prepared systemically in the section.

DI consists of the following topics -

  1. Tables
  2. Charts like pie charts, Line charts, Spider charts, etcetera.
  3. Caselets.
  4. Venn diagrams.

Some strategies to follow while preparing for the section is as follows -

  • Since it is one of the systematic parts of the section, you should visit the basics and clear the basics properly before attempting more complicated sets.
  • It is a mathematically heavy part of the section, and you might have to do a lot of calculations while solving a DI set. So, you have to be comfortable with numbers and the calculations.
  • Practice the calculations using a regular calculator first and then increase your familiarity with the on-screen calculator to improve your efficiency during the exams.
  • Give as many mocks as you can and visit last year’s papers to get the gist of the paper pattern and question type once.