How to prepare for cloud engineering interview?

Let’s divide the interview prep into parts to better understand it, Before the interview, during the interview, & after the interview.

Before interview:

  • Understand your abilities and achievements.
  • Prepare your bibliography
  • Investigate Your Interviewer
  • Get to know your potential new boss.
  • Plan your main points of discussion.
  • Prepare answers to general interview questions in advance.
  • Experiment with answering questions aloud.
  • Think about how you’ll sell yourself.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Arrive early but not too early
  • Bring No Electronics

During interview:

  • Shake Your Interviewer’s Hands
  • First impressions should convey competence and trustworthiness.
  • Take some time to gather your thoughts.
  • Don’t talk excessively
  • It’s OK to say, “I’m Not Sure.”
  • Describe your contributions and outcomes in detail.
  • Be open, honest, and upbeat.
  • Pose a Question
  • Inquire about any reservations you have about your qualifications.
  • Do not inquire about pay and benefits.
  • Don’t go overboard
  • Do not criticize previous managers or employers.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard

After interview:

  • Gratitude to Your Interviewer
  • Consider the Discussion