How to prepare for Back End Developer interview?

When it comes to hiring server-side programmers, the back-end developer hiring test is crucial.
• A computer science degree is not required by a corporation. However, in a lot of situations, this is no longer required if a candidate can demonstrate an understanding of computer science fundamentals like algorithms, coding theory, and computer networking.
• Expertise in cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, among others.
• Building scalable software solutions while adhering to coding best practices is a plus.
• Fully comprehend at least one backend programming language, such as Python Java, PHP, Ruby, or other similar languages.
• Understanding and proficiency with database technologies such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, and others are required.
• Teamwork, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and invention are some soft skills that a back-end developer should possess.
• Leadership abilities are crucial for senior developers.

  • On the personal front, the candidates should be aware about themselves - their strengths and weaknesses, their personal and professional goals, what do they wish to contribute in the field of development, etc.

  • They should also be aware of the company they are willing to join and what they have to offer as an individual for the growth of the company.