How to plot Dual Axis chart in Tableau?

Tableau Dual Axis Chart

The dual axis chart is used to visualize two different measures in two different chart types. A date column and two measures are necessary to build a dual axis chart.

The different scales are used in the graph that helps the user to understand both measures. The procedure to create a dual axis chart is given step by step below.

For example , consider a data source such as Sample-Superstore and its measures and dimensions.

Step 1: Go to the worksheet.

Step 2: Hold the Ctrl key in the keyboard.

Step 3: And select the dimension OrderDate , measures Sales and Quantity as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 4: Click on " Show Me " option located on the top right corner of the worksheet.

Step 5: Select the " dual combination " icon, as shown in the below screenshot.

After completion of above all steps, it creates the dual axis chart as shown in the below screenshot.