How to pass the Wipro interview and get a job offer as a fresher

Wipro Interview isn’t too difficult because they hire in bulk. You may easily crack it if your preparation is on pace.

Aptitude Round:
This is Wipro’s first round, and it consists of two sections: aptitude and English. The test is not difficult; it consists of general aptitude questions. So, for the practice, try solving more and more aptitude questions.

Group discussion:
This round is optional for all participants. Some applicants are called for interviews immediately following the Aptitude round. It has been observed that GD is set up for individuals who score barely above their cutoff so in terms of providing them another chance

Interview round:

  • If you qualify for the previous two, the final round will be your interview. Because you are a fresher, there will be no technical rounds.

  • For this part have a comprehensive Resume describing your areas of experience and interests.

  • They will also undoubtedly ask about your final year project, as well as the skills and technologies you applied. You should be able to properly explain that.

  • Prepare yourself with one programming language, such as C, C++, Java, or Python, based on your interests, as they may ask you to develop some programs and test you on them. So, whichever language you choose, you should have a basic knowledge of it.