How to measure that if the ad campaign is successful or not?

After investing a lot on ads and campaign it is very important to see that if that ads campaign had some postive impact on tour business or not. Hence there are some ways through which you can see that whether the ad campaign was successful or not:

  1. If you did ad promotion through Facebook Check the data in facebook it will tell you about how many views are there and what number of people went to your website via Facebook.
  2. Have a survey it could be digital and see that where customers are familiar with your brand or product.
  3. From the campaign you can check whether there is some increase in sales or notm
  4. You can also check with your customer service department that whether the calls volumes from customer have gone up or not.
  5. If you are publishing coupons and discounts in ads check that how many percentage the redemption rate is there.