How to Make sure your content is primed for sharing?

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you have to make sure your content is optimized for quick and easy sharing.

For example, social campaigns shouldn’t be confined to your business’ main account. From blogs and newsletters to in-person events and others in your network, consider how far you can spread your message with that’s available to you.

Then, brainstorm the [best social media channels for any given promotion or piece of content. For example, image-based content is fair game for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Viral videos are prime for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram as well.

It’s smart to make sharing as seamless as possible. You can make your audience have an easier time sharing your campaign by:

  • Providing several different routes to share
  • Giving away free products or services
  • Finding the common motivations of your main audience
  • Asking questions that get viewers or readers thinking and talking
  • Never restricting or gating your content