How to make our interview prepration more efficient?

Some more ways to practice your preparations for an interview are as follows -

  • Record yourself while practicing

Record your interview and play them back to yourself if you have a webcam, video camera, or smartphone.

Examine your facial expressions and responses to the questions (if you have a video camera).

You don’t want to fidget, get too wordy, or sound insecure, so pay attention to your posture and eye contact.

Practice the answers in front of the mirror if you don’t have access to a video camera or tape recorder.

You can also use materials present on the internet to practice.

  • Cosplay

Dressing in interview clothes is one method to make a do-it-yourself practice interview feel more like an actual job interview.

Dressing the part not only makes you feel like you’re going to an actual job interview but also allows you to double-check that your interview attire is in order and that you’re ready to go.

If something is wrong with your clothes on the day of your interviews, such as a stain or a bad fit, you won’t have much room to improvise.

  • Create the environment

Setting up an interview space for your practice run will feel more like an actual interview.

Even if it’s just your kitchen table (cleared of debris) with two chairs on either side, one for you and the other for the interviewer, it will establish the tone for a more formal practice interview.