How to learn deep learning engineering from scratch?

For newbies, deep learning may be a difficult and intimidating area. As you strive to master deep learning concepts, you’ll come across terms like hidden layers, convolutional neural networks, and backpropagation.

It’s not simple - especially if you adopt an ad hoc approach to studying and don’t go over the fundamentals first. You’ll be lost in a new city like a visitor who hasn’t brought a map!

To study and master deep learning, you don’t need a Ph.D. or an advanced degree. However, there are a few important ideas you need to understand (and be well-versed in) before diving into the realm of deep learning.

The following are the five prerequisites for embarking on your deep learning journey:
Putting your system together
Python programming
Probability and Statistics
Linear Algebra and Calculus
The Basics of Machine Learning

Following these steps, you will be able to start deep learning in no time.

You can also do some research on these steps to know more about prerequisites.