How to learn Data Engineering from scratch?

Today, one of most discussed topic job profiles is that of a Big Data Engineer. This role is in high demand because it is a well-known term. A Big Data Engineer is unquestionably an excellent choice for anyone looking to begin a career in the field of Big Data.

  • Install an os (Windows, Linux) and one of numerous databases and data systems (PostgreSQL, MySQL, subsequently Hadoop, Spark) in a containers software.

  • Learn how migrate data through one container to another using an ETL tool.

  • Try to link and use information in your container with an analysis unit or spreadsheet. Discover how to use REST, ODBC, and JDBC.

  • Create a basic web front-end using data from the many databases you’ve already deployed on a webserver running in another container.

  • Finally, follow their instructions to learn how to accomplish all the above in Amazon, Google Cloud, or Azure.

Big Data engineers are responsible for a wide range of tasks, from creating software systems to cooperating and coordinating with data scientists.