How to Keep the message simple in viral marketing?

All viral campaigns have one thing in common: their messages can be summed up in just a short phrase or sentence. Having more than one CTA or overarching message can confuse or distract your audience, reducing the overall effectiveness of your campaign. Limiting your viral message to one simple takeaway makes it memorable and approachable.

The whole of your content should be fairly simple, too. When sharing on social media, don’t overload your text with hashtags, which can create a cluttered look and distract from your main message. Ideally, keep videos to no more than 30 seconds long—just enough to get your message across without any fluff.

Keep in mind that simplicity shouldn’t limit creativity. When brainstorming for your viral marketing plan, think outside the box to express your message. This viral video from [Dove’s “Evolution” campaign which helped the brand become well-known for its commitment to real beauty, is a great example of how you can send a big message without saying much at all.