How to justify one’s weaknesses during the Personal Interview (PI) round?

It is important for everyone to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths in all phases of their life.

  • Identification of the reason behind the difference as well as relating it to a real-life incident helps the candidate in formulating a better response and also in identifying their areas of improvement.

  • Since, the interviewer seeks to learn more about an individual’s personality and professional/academic background, it is an opportunity to convey the areas and shortcomings that they are willing to work upon to grow as an individual or improve or to hone their existing skills and capabilities.

  • The interviewer also wishes to check an individual’s self-awareness, honesty, and emotional quotient while asking such a question.

  • Having said this, the candidate should answer this question based on the course they are applying for and what are the shortcomings that could be a potential obstacle for the same.