How to Inspire Action With “Influence in social media marketing?

Last but not least, there’s influence. The influence you have over your audience, as well as the impact those who are talking about you have over their own audience.

While this can be a controversial indication of social success, nobody can deny its importance. In fact, many believe the influence you have over your audience is far more important than the size of it.

Increasing your influence is a long game.

It means consistently driving value for your audience and providing a platform for inspiring conversation.

This means starting this conversation yourself. You need to get into the “dirt” and engage with your followers. Reply to their messages and tweets, offer a helping hand and generally talk to them like a human being.

You should also be doing this with other influencers in your space. Not just on social either, but in the other communities they engage with. Commenting on the content they create and share can also drive value.

Run contests and events that encourage your followers to get involved. Learn how people use certain hashtags and create content around those topics. Joining in on Twitter chats can be a great way to quickly find new followers.

SEMrush host weekly conversations under the hashtag #semrushchat to spark conversation around a specific theme.
I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic