How to increase relevant traffic on website?

Following are some of the relevent ways to increase the traffic on the website:

i. Develop detailed How-to/Information posts on Blog and share them on bookmarking websites and social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinintrest and Facebook)

ii. Develop/Design Presentation (PPT) to engage potential users and increase subscribers. Submit and share on top PPT sites.

iii. Create service videos and share that on video channels. Like: YouTube

iv. Listing of landing pages on good classified sites.

v. Social Bookmarking of all backlinks on top bookmarking sites.

vi. Develop & Promote Posts on Social Networking sites like LinkedIn, Tumbler, and Medium to build quality backlinks.

vii. Develop & Promote articles on good articles sites (Ezine, Go Articles, Now Public, Buzzle) to build quality backlinks.

viii. Comment, engage on relevant forums, blogs, social networks, etc where conversations are around areas of the theme. This would be an ongoing activity.

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