How to improve CTA in google adwords?

How to improve CTA in google adwords ?

Calls to action have the power to make or break your AdWords strategy, providing the language your potential client or customer needs to find out exactly what you want them to do with the content you are providing them with. A solid call to action provides the gateway to improvements in your overall quality score through higher conversions and click-through-rates, so it is worth taking seriously. To improve your CTA, consider:

  • Emphasise what your customer will receive by clicking through to the page of content.
  • Make the purpose of the CTA loud and clear.
  • Fuel the imagination of your target audience.
  • Make Your Google Ads CTA Visible
  • Give a Clear Benefit for Following the CTA
  • Add Urgency to Your CTA
  • Change the Tone of Your CTA
  • Make Your CTA #relatable