How to Ignore the market cap and the coin price in your marketing?

Forget about the market cap and the coin price in your marketing and communication.

Bitcoin goes up, you go up no matter what. Bitcoin goes down, you go down too. Bitcoin goes up but you go down. You cannot win with these topics.

You cannot control any of these in the short term and by focusing on them when it’s all green can get you into trouble if or when the market turns and the price goes down.

At least not in the short-term before you go live and before you start getting paying customers. It should be of no concern to you. You should not focus on it, you should not comment on it and you should make that clear to your audience too.

You control your communication, the product that you build and the marketing activities you are undertaking to grow your market. You don’t control your market cap and the coin price so you should completely ignore all the talk about them.
Some crypto communities are left to their own devices. This leads to an inconsistent experience for both new and old members of the community and doesn’t put you in the best light.

Be available and actively manage your community by starting and joining conversations, answering questions, responding to the concerns and genuinely considering feedback and ideas from the audience.

Crowdsourcing your funding is not the only thing you can crowdsource. You can crowdsource ideas and feedback too.

Monitor your community and the industry, actively take steps to build an engaged audience and be as responsive as you can to the questions and feedback. You will have a much happier and more engaged community this way.
So guys these were some quick tips that will help you out and how you guys can practically practice it for your brand or profile hope you all guys love this topic and will keep on learning and practicing it let see you all on my next topic.