How to Get Your Customers to Leave a Review in ORM?

The easiest way to deal with negative reviews is to outweigh them with positive ones. So, you should also have a strategy in place to encourage customers to leave a review. This can be done on both quid pro quo basis and just in good faith.

  • Encourage your customers — in person is good, in email newsletters, and in your place of business with your free [Google Marketing Kit.

  • You can create a small pop-up whenever someone visits your website, asking them to leave a review. Make sure to make it as easy as possible. Provide relevant links, and always thank them at the end of the message. And try not to send them to platforms that require too much effort like requiring sign-ups, personal details, etc.

  • Use your social media channels and find a fun way to encourage your customers to leave a review. It can be a special hashtag day for thanking your colleagues for an amazing job they’re doing, or just a fun video provoking a good vibe.

  • And don’t forget about the power of email signatures. Add a line about the fact that you would very much appreciate a review of your customers’ experience with your brand. And as we mentioned above, don’t forget to give them a clear direction of where they should go.

  • Establish an incentive program, but not for Google. This is [against their guidelines.

If you feel like you would like to provide better motivation for leaving a review, you can come up with a special encouragement program. Say, per each review, a customer gets X points. After receiving Y points, they can count on a discount, a charitable donation, free publicity (you can feature them on your social media channels), or a unique piece of content. Just use your imagination and experiment with the specifics of the program.

And don’t forget to thank every customer that leaves a positive review. After all, they have put in their time and effort to assist your business and leave a nice review, so this much is expected from you in return.

Although a simple thank you should suffice, it is nice to come up with a more personal touch to your courtesy reply. Showing your customers that you care will incentivize them to keep coming back and maybe leaving more reviews!
I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic