How to get a leverage in Summer Placements?

At any B School, the summer placement procedure is the first big event. It’s an occasion for which you should begin planning as soon as you walk into a B School. There are many different perspectives on how to prepare for summer assignments. In addition to the demanding academic agenda, which includes several Quizzes, midterms, end terms, project/assignment submissions and presentations, CV preparation, mock GDs and PI, Case study groups, etc., are all conducted. As a result, balancing the two and preparing for summer assignments is a huge task. To begin, one should adopt and implement the following strategies:

1. Gathering information from seniors about previous summer placements : The experience of seniors, in my opinion, is the most valuable resource that first-year students have and it is currently underutilised. I recommend that everyone speak with seniors to learn about their experiences and recommend resources to use when preparing for the summer. Seniors also have company forms, publications, and a document with collected experiences that students can use to begin their preparation in earnest.

2. Conducting research on the companies that come to campus: Students should also begin doing research on the companies that visit school. They would have to prioritise their domain first, and then read about the company’s goal, values, recent news, product portfolio, and other internet resources with the help of seniors, instructors, and other online resources.

3. Assembling case study teams: Case study groups are used by different recruiters such as e-comm companies to observe and evaluate a student’s analytical skills. They are not only applicable for consulting companies (which are the most sought after in a B School), but they are also used by different recruiters such as e-comm companies to observe and evaluate a student’s analytical skills. I advocate being a part of several case study groups, each of which should be limited to three to four students. They should rehearse a wide range of scenarios.

4. Process of Creating a CV: One of my seniors correctly stated that a CV is one of the most crucial documents that you will ever create in a B School. The most important thing is to compile all of your life’s highlights into a single page paper. To do so, we’ll need a methodical approach to filling in the blanks in the specified format (Usually floated by the Placecomm). Reviewing the one-page depiction of yourself in front of recruiters with several industry experts and seniors aids in improving it.

5. Mock GD/PI - HR Question Preparation: Even though college Interest Groups and committees hold many sessions to prepare students for the summer, it is critical that students join informal study groups to prepare for GDs and PIs. The importance of wording HR questions is often underestimated in PI preparation. I strongly advise all students to meticulously prepare HR replies, including at least three instances of each point from their own lives. If the topic is about three strengths/weaknesses, the student must provide three instances from his or her own life to support the argument.