How to get a job in the Artificial Intelligence field as a fresher?

Since the Pandemic, more and more companies are shifting toward tech platforms, and thus the demand for AI engineers has increased and companies are hiring for such roles for freshers too. For Freshers, it is important that they can somehow display the industry-required skills on their resume in some form of internships, Live projects or Academic projects. This will help them get noticed by the company. Some other important tips which Freshers should work upon are as follows:

  1. Develop a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, linear algebra, and calculus
  2. Learn to code in Python, R, C++, and Java
  3. Become an expert in natural language processing (NLP)
  4. Start advancing skills through AI certification programs
  5. Work on Internships, Live Projects to get practical Experience
  6. Conduct research in the sector to publish Research Papers.
  7. Work with Professors on their projects to get practical Knowledge.

These are some of the most basic things that a fresher can learn so that it is easier for him to secure a role in the Artificial Intelligence sector. On-the-job learning is also very high in this field and with experience, he will get valuable knowledge.