How to express opinions clearly in a personal interview?

During a Personal Interview, a candidate is asked several questions related to his subject matter and maybe technical in nature. That is done to assess his knowledge and understanding. However, it is a general practice to also ask behavioral questions to evaluate the candidate’s thought process and how he/she acts in a particular situation. For example, a candidate can be asked how he would react if he has two deals with two projects at once, he may be asked to prioritize out of the two, or he may be asked about his approach to solving the two. The recruiter may also ask questions that focus on his reaction to certain incidents at a workplace which he/she must report to their seniors. This is done to see whether the candidate fits into their work well and would be further able to adapt to the environment of the office/college. You may also be asked how you think disagreements must be resolved in any workplace. It is to be kept in mind that when you are asking such questions, your answer is primarily focused on what is asked, and later if required, you may give an example to support how you think your approach is easier/better.