How to explain your failure to HR?

How to explain your failure to HR?


While sharing the Failure, structure the answer in Context, Action and Result format. This helps listener to understand the full details of the situation and one gets the chance to share the action steps taken. Failure in results can also be explained when we structure discussion in this fashion.
Also one should not hide or try to mask failures but should tell that you did whatever was in your control to manage things better.


In addition to what has been already mentioned,I would say, one must add what did they learn from the failure and how that has helped them in future/ going to help in future?


You should always have a small list of wins and losses prepared before an interview. It’s standard stuff.

When it comes to telling about the loss/fail, give a brief intro of the project/situation, tell what went wrong (you can slip in why you firmly believed it was the right choice at the time and trusted your gut because it shows confidence - don’t over do it or your will sound cocky and obnoxious) and ALWAYS close with what you learned from it.

Begin with a confident tone and end humble. Keep the story professional, polite, don’t blame anyone but yourself (even if it really wasn’t your fault) and end on a positive note.

When You are Explaining your Failure to HR Be Honest About It. If you Do Know any answer for any Specific Questions It is better to Say No Rather than Defend yourself. Be Confident, Be Humble and Be Polite when you are Explaining your Failure to HR. It Show that you are Ready to Accept Truth. One More Important thing is that do not to Blame others for your Failure . It Shows a Negative Impact. And Always Remember one thing NO ONE IS Perfect. It’s All About Experience . Either it is Success or Failure.

You may have failed because in that situation you would have taken a risk with a thought of getting high returns, if the approach in that situation was different you would have got high returns. Explain the positives of failure and answer, examples

  1. If I face similar situation I would take a different approach based on learnings
  2. I thoroughly assessed the event and identified reasons X,Y,Z were the root causes.
  3. I performed 5 -why analysis to get to the root cause.

such points will show how you take failures positively.