How to explain about uniqueness we have?

How to explain about uniqueness we have?

The question doesnt specify whether its in resume or an interview -

In an interview

The best place to display uniqueness is the introduction (typically a candidate is always asked to introduce herself). Its a fertile ground, because many interview questions can emerge from this introduction. If an introduction is structured as a beginning, mid and an end, its best to highlight the uniqueness in the beginning (where attention span of the interviewer is high) OR at the end (again attention picks up in the end and questions can start from what you said in the end)

While stating the uniqueness - its important to state WHY is it unique - Does it highlight a skill/strengh that is unique OR Does it highlight an important lesson you leant.

One important thing to remember - what you may think is unique to you, may be slightly more common - and if the interviewer confronts on those lines, its important to stay calm and faithful to what you think about uniqueness.

In the resume
Resume is an impersonal form of communication, since its not face to face. Best to state your uniqueness in short/crisp manner, highlighting WHY its unique (skills/ lessons learnt)