How to Ending a LinkedIn Article the Right Way?

There are a bunch of ways to end a LinkedIn article.

You can for the old-fashioned approach and just add a couple of takeaways, you can truncate, you can end with humor, etc.

But here’s what matters the most.

Always make sure that you end with a thought that they can take with them after they close the article.

This could be a statement that makes them question the status quo or a piece of advice that they can apply to their business in the next hour.

Whatever it is, it has to stick in the person’s mind.

There’s a high probability that your reader is still going to go back to LinkedIn after they’re done with your article.

If you can, add your contact information and how they can view more of your products or services, or schedule a quick meeting with you. This helps turn the LinkedIn article into a passive lead generation mechanism.