How to drop Index in Cassandra?

Cassandra DROP Index

DROP INDEX command is used to drop a specified index. If the index name was not specified during index creation, then index name is TableName_ColumnName_idx.




Drop index IF EXISTS KeyspaceName.IndexName

Rules for dropping an Index

  • If the index does not exist, it will return an error unless you use IF EXISTS which returns no operation.
  • During index creation, you have to specify keyspace name with the index name otherwise index will be dropped from the current keyspace.


Let’s take an example to demonstrate how to drop index on a column. Here we drop the created index to a column “student_name” in the table “student”. The name of the keyspace is “javatpoint”.

Drop index IF EXISTS javatpoint.student_name

Cassandra Drop index 1

Index is dropped from the column “student_name”.

Note: You can verify that the index is dropped or not, by using the DROP index command once again. It will show a message that index is already dropped.

Cassandra Drop index 2

You can see that index is not anymore on the table.