How to download and install Tableau in windows?

Download and Installation of Tableau

Tableau is available in two ways:-

  • Tableau Public (Free)
  • Tableau Desktop (Commercial)

Here is a comparison between the Tableau Public and Tableau Desktop

Tableau Public

  • Tableau Public is a free and open-source.
  • Tableau public data source can connect to Excel and Text files.
  • Tableau public can be installed on Window and Mac operating system.
  • Data and Visualizations are not secured in the Tableau public because it is available in public.
  • In Tableau public, data cannot be obtained from different data sources as it is limited to connect only Excel and Text files.
  • Tableau public uses the details at Personal level.

Tableau Desktop

  • Tableau Desktop is a paid source, personal edition- $35 per month and professional edition- $70 per month.
  • Tableau desktop data source can connect to any data source file, including databases, web applications, and more.
  • Tableau desktop can also install on Window and Mac operating system.
  • Data and Visualization are secured in Tableau desktop.
  • In Tableau desktop, data can extract from various data sources and stored as Tableau extract file.
  • Tableau desktop uses the details at Professional and Enterprise level.

Lets install the Tableau Desktop on Window machine and go through step by step:-

Step1:- Go to on your Web browser.

Step2:- Click on the ‘Try Now’ button.

Step3:- Now, enter your Email id and click on the ‘Download Free Trial’ button.

Step4:- This will start downloading the .exe File for window machine by default.

Step5:- Open the download file, and click on the ‘Run’ button.

Download and Installation2

Step6:- Accept the terms and condition and click on ‘Install’ button.

Step7:- A pop message will be shown on the screen to get the approval of the administrator to install the Tableau software. Click on ‘yes’ to approve it than installation will be started.

Step8:- Once the installation is completed, then open the Tableau desktop software.

Step9:- In the registration window

  1. Click on Activate Tableau and fill your complete details.
  2. Click on start trial now.

Step10:- Wait for complete registration.

Download and Installation5

Step11:- Start screen of the Tableau Desktop.

Now, you are all set to use your Tableau desktop on your window machine.