How to Create SQL Index's for each table available in Database?

Hello Everyone, I tried Creating Indexes for every table’s frequently used columns, and I come up with this solution which is like doing it manually.

CREATE INDEX frequent_field_customer ON customers (customerName,salesRepEmployeeNumber,country);
CREATE INDEX frequent_field_employees ON employees (officeCode,firstName,lastName);
CREATE INDEX frequent_field_office ON offices (country);
CREATE INDEX frequent_field_orderdetails ON orderdetails (quantityOrdered,priceEach);
CREATE INDEX frequent_field_orders ON orders (customerNumber);
CREATE INDEX frequent_field_payments ON payments (amount);
CREATE INDEX frequent_field_products ON products (productName,buyPrice,quantityInStock,MSRP);

If anyone has any solution to make this query more dynamic, Please comment down.
Every Comment is really appreciated.