How To Create Facebook Ad Manager Account?

Step 1: Go to and click the button “Sign Up Now.”

Step 2: Enter the basic information required, such as your name, email address, country, job title, and company URL. Then tick the box next to “I have read and agree to Facebook’s Terms.” then click on create account button.

Note: You might need a valid mobile phone number for Facebook to send you an activation code via text message or voice call. Another option is that Facebook will ask you to go to another webpage via Facebook - ಲಾಗ್ ಇನ್ ಅಥವಾ ಸೈನ್ ಅಪ್ where you will be prompted and asked to log in with your Facebook account. Just follow the steps as shown in the image below.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number, click send code, and Facebook will text you an activation code. Then log in with this code to set up your account.

Note: You may be asked to create a new app id that is different from Facebook’s main App ID if you have one already but uses the same App Secret Key that remains from your previous app instance(s). If not, just leave it blank, then click the continue button, then follow the simple process of filling out all required info needed for creating an app id successfully, like choosing a category for your Facebook application which are mostly filled by default & checkmark or uncheck any optional feature you would want to include such as Facebook Login and so on. Then click the “Create App Id” button to do so.

Step 4: You will then be redirected and asked to Connect with your Facebook account; just log in with your existing account ID & password that you have created earlier (when installing the app). And now you are successfully logged into your ad account! You can see a few of ads related tabs that will appear below, such as Ad Manager, Power Editor, or Ads Manager link.

Note: There is no need to create an App here because we already created one when creating the ad manager account from the beginning of this tutorial. Just go back to Step 3, where it asks for you to connect with your Facebook App id/Secret Key; there will be an option called “Go to App…” click this button, and you will be redirected directly to the Facebook app page where your details are already filled in.