How to create a winning PPC Lead generation campaign?

Competitor understanding and keyword research

In order to create a great PPC Lead generation campaign, you will need to understand the keywords your competitors are using and retrofit them into your campaigns. The last thing you’d want to do is copy what your competitors are doing and then end up with similar campaigns that don’t rank on search engine searches

i. Generate a list of possible keywords

Understanding the keywords you need to work with is an important exercise. Get into the mind of a business owner and think of why they would search for a term and take it forward from there.

ii. Use keyword research tools

Use some effective tools to understand the variations used by the target audience in different search engines. You can also target certain keywords in order to gain an edge over the competition.

2. Setting a thoroughly planned PPC Campaigns

After finalizing the keywords, you need to structure your campaigns and monitor them for maximum benefit.

i. Campaign Structure

Structure your PPC ad campaigns based on -

  1. Products/Services
  2. Targeted locations
  3. Bidding and performance
  4. Timing of offerings

ii. Budgeting

Ensure the budgeting too, is done properly so that you don’t spend more than what is needed.

3. Keeping an eye on the quality score

Quality scores are measures of how good an ad is, landing pages as well as keywords used. The money you’re willing to pay can be reduced if you’ve not optimized it properly.

4. Creating memorable ad copies

Grabbing the user’s attention can be done once you understand user intent. It will drive writing forward and help in the design of the landing pages as well. It will help a customer move from awareness to consideration when done properly.

5. Creating actionable CTAs

Your ad copy must come with a CTA that tells the user exactly what they need to do in order to get in touch with your brand.

6. Creating attractive landing pages

The landing page is the front-end of your business and the last step in the PPC journey. Make sure you have a beautifully designed landing page and you can improve your conversions as well.

7. Analyze and optimize

Having an Adword setup means that your campaigns have already launched. Analyze and optimize your results so your content stays fresh for a longer time, resulting in more leads being generated.
I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic