How to create a Dashboard in Tableau?

Tableau Dashboards are the collection of different views or visualization where each view showcases a different kind of data at the same time. It allows users to get a holistic view of all the data on one screen. Creating dashboards is just about dragging views from the sheets section to the visualization area.

  1. At the bottom of the workbook, click the New Dashboard icon:
  2. From the Sheets list at left, drag views to your dashboard at right.
  3. To replace a sheet, select it in the dashboard at the right. In the Sheets list at left, hover over the replacement sheet, and click the Swap Sheets button.

Note: When you replace a sheet, Tableau retains any padding, border, or background color. However, you may need to adjust the sheet size if the content differs significantly. You may also need to delete dashboard items specific to the previous sheet, such as filters, which become blank.